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Memoria Crematoria


Client: Memoria Project type: Crematoria Objective: Dynamic, colour changing and architectural lighting and imagery projection.

Memoria has a mission to provide exceptional standards of service and facility to the bereaved families that use its crematoria and gardens of remembrance. They believe it is an essential act of human decency towards people who have just lost a loved one and believe it their responsibility and duty to be as efficient, kind, respectful and polite as humanly possible to their clients at their time of grief. Therefore, it is their aim to provide immaculately clean and tidy facilities in tranquil and beautiful surroundings and they take a great pride in their work as a result.

Memoria were keen to further extend their facilities further by creating even more bespoke services were inspired to include colour changing lighting and projection of imagery and video to their crematoria.

The Lighting People worked with Memoria, across their eleven sites, for two years and designed, supplied, and installed, colour changeable lighting all operated via remote Bluetooth control. The results wash the interior of the chapel with soft subtle hues as well as strong energetic light, according to the desire of the celebrants.

Supplemental to the lighting, The Lighting People have also installed projection equipment in each crematorium, enabling casting of visual imagery onto the wall of the chapel, enhancing the occasion by providing the opportunity to remember lost loved ones through picture, presentation or videos that represent the individual, whilst the chapel is filled with fixed or changing light scenes.

These installations have provided this organisation with an opportunity to stand apart from competitors and embrace an evolving societal view on life and death with a means for the celebrants to enjoy a modern experience tailored to their bespoke needs and desires.