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The Old Library Cafe and Offices


The Old Library, Cornwall PROJECT TYPE: Cafe and performance space OBJECTIVE: To provide a flexible lighting scheme for both daytime and evening use.

This Grade II listed building has been refurbished to provide a bustling community hub. The project has been completed on a limited budget together with donations of items and labour. The building now comprises a cafe and performance space, as well as meeting rooms, co-working space and a yoga studio and has a whole new atmosphere to it, one which makes people not want to leave!

The interior design is the work of Boaz Studio and is bright, fun and wonderfully cheerful! This colourful linear theme remains consistent throughout the building. The lighting scheme within the multi-use space, which is used as a cafe during the daytime and a performance space during the evenings, had to remain flexible and appear bright and breezy, as well as drawing attention to some of the interesting design features and adding an appealing aesthetic.

This was achieved through the use of LED ribbon under the counter-top, to engage users with the wooden relief detail which is repeated in colour on the walls. Also adding appeal are the pendants suspended over the counter in order bring attention to the delicious treats on offer! The suspended lighting system through the main cafe area remains on different circuits to allow for different areas to be brighter when required, this assists with audience comfort during performances.