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The Children's Family Trust


Objective: To create significant energy savings, by replacing the existing fluorescent with LED lighting.

The Children's Family Trust is a national charity, with offices in five different locations within the UK.

Their energy costs were significantly higher than they were required to be, due to the old fashioned T8 fluorescent ceiling lights throughout their offices.

The Lighting People designed, specified, supplied, installed and commissioned a new consumer unit and 89 new lighting units. The installation was undertaken over a period of three days, including the repair of some faulty wiring which was discovered and corrected during the course of the works.

Once completed, the lighting replacement project has reduced the charity's energy load by over 5kW, a projected 10,441kWh per annum, saving in excess of £2,000 per year, as well as preventing the emission of 2,119kg of CO2 from being produced.

The client was extremely pleased with the results, especially with minimal disruption being created.