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Bristol and Clifton Golf Club


Objective: Architectural mood lighting, flexible for a variety of functions

The Clubhouse at Bristol & Clifton Golf Club, built in 1899, comprises a dining room, lounge, bar and luxury changing rooms with stunning views from the windows onto the beautiful golf course. It is also full of architectural character!

During the upgrade and refurbishment of the interior, The Lighting People worked with the architect and the club electrician as well as the members of the golf club, in order to create a stylish interior which embraces a modern aesthetic.

In addition to the delicious range of food and drinks, enjoyed after a round of golf, the club is a popular venue for events such as christenings, birthdays, dinner dances, as well as corporate events and the club house is used for these functions all year round. The Lighting People worked closely with the client to fully understand the objective and create a Lighting Design Brief. It was agreed that the lighting required a flexible approach in order to create a variety of atmospheres, sometimes bright and airy and at other times more intimate, so dimming was an essential design element incorporated into the scheme.

The architect was keen to reveal the newly exposed double height ceiling which was acknowledged through up-lighting, to provide a gentle inter-reflected light quality for a relaxing environment. Also within this void are four suspended pendants, selected by the client, hung to provide a decorative feature to the interior design. Contributing to aesthetics are the surface mount wall fittings which provide a soft glow to the perimeter of the lounge. In the bar, light is gently washed down the curtain pelmets to highlight the interior colour scheme. The bar now benefits from linear shelf lighting to create a feature of the spirit bottles. Dimmable downlights are used throughout the spaces, for when a bright and even light level is required, as well as making cleaning easier!

A complaint emergency lighting scheme was also designed and installed. The lighting scheme requires no maintenance, is extremely energy efficient, saving money as well as providing great flexibility for all events.

The client says: "There is no doubt that the new lighting installation at Bristol and Clifton Golf Club is a tremendous success. What was a dark and gloomy place has been refreshed with a bright and versatile lighting solution. Being able to dim all the lights in a flexible way allows us to alter the mood of the clubhouse quite easily. Jennifer from The Lighting People and Mark, the Club's electrician, did a wonderful job."