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Hanbury Wedding Barn


The Lighting People's first site visit involved negotiating stables and water troughs to look around, in order to understand the client's vision! The transformation is incredible, and the family run venue now offers a wonderfully relaxed, rustic, and stylish setting with nature at its heart.

The lighting fixtures incorporated into this refurbishment are all LED with exceptionally high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) to ensure that photographs taken provide absolute colour accuracy and the most flattering results to skin tone and clothing. The lighting scheme incorporates subtle lit effects, including hidden up-lighting to wooden beams and discretely installed fixtures to provide interesting visual focus to some of the retained farm features, as well as beautiful light fixtures which complement the interior design.

Recessed inground up-lights have also been carefully positioned to accentuate the texture of the red brick architectural features, to highlight the building's previous use. The lighting is also colour changeable to any colour the wedding party desire, enabling the venue to have a complete bespoke appearance.

Finally the lighting is operated through a wireless Bluetooth control system, allowing easy, pre-programable, scene setting.