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The Sporting Duchess


Objective: Aesthetic, energy efficient lighting Energy saved per annum: 6,791kWh Cost saved (including maintenance) per annum: £1,121 Return on investment: 2.6 years.

The Sporting Duchess, a high-end clothing retailer, required a specialist lighting design for their new high street premises, a Grade II listed building.

The existing lighting installation comprised T8 fluorescent light fixtures. These fittings are not only inefficient but also much more suited to a commercial office environment as opposed to a clothing boutique, where brightness, high colour rendition and lighting hierarchy are vital to the successful presentation of merchandise.

The Lighting People's design team began by performing an analysis of the energy use on the existing lighting, as well as providing the client with a variety of energy efficient lighting design concepts which later provided a foundation on which to base the design.

The client's preferred design concepts provided a basis on which to base the new lighting scheme. The finished lighting design only uses LED light sources and appears clean, fresh and intended. The scheme uses track lighting for flexibility, allowing the layout of the shop to change as often as required, furthermore these fixtures additionally provide highlighting opportunities to specific displays to intentionally gain customers' attention on specific display items. Adjustable downlights produce comfortable ambience and high intensity window lights provide focus on mannequin outfits. Within the fitting rooms halo mirror lighting ensures light is provided from a variety of angles to allow the customer to comfortably see the clothing item clearly.

The Lighting People used 3D lighting design software to calculate the required lighting levels, which were represented in digital model, in addition to a reflected celling plan drawing and calculation diagrams representing how much light the scheme will provide. In line with the appropriate regulations, a compliant emergency lighting scheme was also incorporated.

The scheme uses the latest LED technology and is highly energy efficient. The design requires no maintenance and reduces the energy use by 6,791kWh per annum, providing the client with an annual financial saving of £1,121 per year.

The client has reviewed the experience and outcome as having "...exceeded their expectations".