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King's College


Project Type: Energy Conservation Retrofit Objective: To reduce the cost of energy used and the cost of maintenance associated with the lighting at the entire campus.

This project was undertaken as a turn-key solution based on the objectives of reducing the energy consumption and the cost of the maintenance cycle, whilst maintaining a minimum standard of quality. The project was carried out whilst the school was live and works were co-ordinated to work around the students' and the teachers' daily routine and schedules.

The project comprised the replacement of over 750 fittings and was carried out over a sustained period of 5 weeks.

The design ensured that the lighting levels were maintained where appropriate, reduced in some overly lit areas and improved in areas that did not meet current British standards for teaching spaces. The overall total base load wattage was reduced from 45.7kW to 14.68kW. A reduction of 68%. Based on the anticipated 'run hours' for the various fittings in each location, this translates to a reduction of 75,000kWh per annum, a significant saving in terms of both energy cost and carbon emissions of more than 21 tonnes per annum based on current grid electricity Kg of CO2eq per kWh, equating to a financial saving of over £11,500 per annum for the school.

The success of this project has been appreciated by all and resulted in numerous benefits both commercially and environmentally, as well as contributing to the health and wellbeing, not to mention our great relationship with this great client.