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Falmouth University


Project type: A dedicated room for journalism and creative writing Objective: To create a homely and comforting feel to a space known as The Lighthouse, used by writers to tuck themselves away to gain precious quite time, or, engage in inspiring group work, for their next written piece.

The Lighthouse is the newest edition to the School of Writing and Journalisms building, a 19th Century construction. Its objective is to provide a space for work and inspiration where aspiring writers and their lecturers can feel safe, encouraged and contented. It aims to provide students of this course with their own identity on the campus; a place they can call their own amongst the bustling university grounds.

The interior design, provided by Boaz Studio, allows the old to meet the new, and features homely touches including exposed woodwork, large floor rugs, bookshelves loaded with books, as well as bright and patterned fabrics covering large comfortable sofas and armchairs. All of this is contained within the deep turquoise walls and provides the feeling of warmth and comfort for its users.

The lighting scheme has two main functions; firstly, it complements the interior design through highlighting the colours of the textiles used and washing the paintings and bookshelves with sufficient light, and with a high colour rendition. Secondly, the illumination levels are suitable for working under, whilst still retaining a homely feeling.

The versatility of this space allows it to be home to book launches, writers workshops and poetry nights, in addition to its everyday use.