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Colson Stone Offices


Landscape Architecture Project type: Commercial office Objective: Practical, comfortable and low energy lighting solutions.

Colson Stone Practice is an award winning landscape architectural consultancy based in Taunton, Somerset. The office building is well lit with daylight and comprises a variety of office and board room spaces and each is full of Victorian character, with some areas having wonderfully high ceilings. The spaces are used for computer work, as well as hand drawing tasks and client meetings.

The existing lighting was predominantly fluorescent, and surface mounted to the ceiling and walls, creating a fairly 'flat' and uninspiring lit environment with high levels of discomfort glare in some areas.

Our brief was to use LED lighting to create a comfortable lighting scheme free from glare and with a little more personality that the existing scheme! In general, we were requested to use the existing power points rather than introducing new ones or moving any of the current ones, therefore the scheme was predominantly a one-for-one replacement scheme in terms of lighting layout.

Our solution was to suspend up/downlights in the areas with high ceilings which creates wonderfully soft, yet ample, lighting throughout these offices and meeting spaces. In the areas where the ceiling height is lower, we have provided a tuneable white surface mount fixtures which can simulate the different colours of daylight (warm to cool white). The circulation areas also benefit from new LED lighting inclusive of daylight controls, enabling the lights to switch off when there is sufficient daylight in the space, which provides both energy and financial savings.